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A fanfiction challenge to write 1000 different pairings.
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Once upon a time, doyle_sb4 came up with the idea to test the creativity (or possibly insanity) of the Jossverse fandom. She created a community for the sole purpose of seeing if it was possible for one fandom to produce fanfiction featuring 1000 different pairings, and so buffyverse1000 was born. Seven years later, it stands at 735 pairings - no small feat in itself.

At the time of that community's heyday, the Jossverse was very much my main fandom. I refuse to confirm or deny just how much of my online time was involved with it during the early 2000s. That leads to now, however, when my fandom interests have shifted somewhat in the direction of Doctor Who (well, that and DC/Marvel comics, but that's a conversation for another place and time). As I was going through some old journal entries one day, I saw a mention of buffyverse1000 and thought: "you know, with 45 years of canon it might be possible for Doctor Who to actually reach that goal - too bad nobody's going to be gullible enough to run a Whoniverse version."

Then I looked in the mirror, shrugged, and contacted doyle_sb4 to see if she'd mind my blatantly stealing borrowing her idea. After getting a reply from her filled with squee giving me permission, I sat down to create this community.

And so whoniverse1000 was born.

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The goal? 1000 stories, 1000 different pairings.

Is it crazy? Of course. That's what makes it fun.

How it works: at the end of each story, the writer can list up to three pairings that haven't been written or requested yet. Someone replies with a story for that pairing and their choice for what's next. And so on.

For example:

Blah, blah, blah. Stuff happens. Then Ace, Harry, Hex, and Martha have lots of sex. The end.

Next: Three/Jo, Amy/River, PC Andy/Owen/Toshiko

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The list of pairings that have been suggested but not written will be here. If none of them catch your interest, just start a new thread with any pairing that hasn't been done.

The main post where all of the stories are posted can be found here.

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1. There should be no repetition of couples. Since we're trying for 1000 different pairings or threesomes (or foursomes, or moresomes - orgies are more than welcome), it will make the count easier if there are no repeats in the thread. If you're ready to post a fic and see that somebody's beat you to it, you're welcome to post it here. Go to the masterlist to check what pairings have already been done.

2. The feedback post is here. Let the authors know how much you liked their story. Feedback or queries posted in the main fic post itself will have to be apologetically deleted by me since it'd screw up the count, so please make certain to comment in the right place.

3. Any combination of characters is allowed: canon, non-canon, crack!tastic, het, slash, femslash, threesomes, poly, incest, cross-species, and anything else you can come up with. The inclusion of very obscure characters is not only allowed but encouraged. The rating can be anything - if you can bring the smut, awesome; if it's G, that's great too.

4. Crossovers and RPF are both allowed, provided one person in your pairing/trio/etc. is a Doctor Who character. That means this isn't the place for Billie Piper/David Tennant, but if you want to write about what happens when Captain Jack Harkness meets John Barrowman (hint: it will probably involve lots of innuendo and sex, followed by the destruction of reality as we know it) then go for it.

5. There's no set length: if you want to write exactly 100 words, then have at it. A longer ficlet's good too. More than 500 words will get you an imaginary cookie. If it's too long for the comment box, please post it in your own journal and leave the link.

6. The various incarnations of Time Lords (including but not limited to the Doctor, the Master, the Rani, and Romana) count as different characters, as do those who have been chameleon arched (such as John Smith or Professor Yana). The same goes for pairings featuring characters, canon or otherwise, from established alternate universes (for example, from the Inferno!verse or Pete's World). So if you want to write Pete's World!Jackie/Pete's World!Pete? Have at it. Rose/Pete's World!Martha? Go ahead. Three/Brigade Leader? Absolutely. As long as you make it clear what universe(s) the characters you're writing are from, then it's all good.

7. Characters from anything related to Doctor Who are welcome. This includes K-9 and Company, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, the Eighth Doctor Adventures, the Past Doctor Adventures, the Big Finish audios (including spin-offs such as "Gallifrey," "Sarah Jane Smith," and "UNIT"), the comics, etc.

8. Anonymous posting is allowed, if you absolutely cannot bear to face the shame of admitting that you wrote Adric/Four/K-9/Romana II underage noncon (or possibly Gwen/Rhys fluff - whatever's the worse act for you).

9. Speaking of underage noncon, please try to use warnings for common triggers. Also, no character bashing. Seriously, just don't. If you don't like Adric/Gwen/Rose/[insert character here], then don't read/write fic about said character(s). Easy enough.

10. Unexpected naked Jack is expected and encouraged.

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Please feel free to visit the_randomiser if you're looking for a challenge. Any stories written for it can be posted here as well. There's also sizeofthatthing and kinky_torchwood, which are both kink memes for the fandom.

If you have any questions, ask them in this post. And have fun!

(The TARDIS and Dalek mini-icons used in the community were created by angeliquesg.)
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