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Fic Post

This post is where everything happens. All stories/ficlets/drabbles go in the comments here. If your story's too long to fit in a single comment, please post it in your own journal and leave the link in a comment here along with your next pairing request(s). Make certain that you include the pairing you've written as the title of the comment, so that specific pairings can be found easily.

Please don't post any comments that aren't stories. That way, this post will show an accurate count of all the written stories. If you make a mistake or forget something, just edit your comment. If you write a story featuring a specific pairing but somebody posts their story before you post yours, please post it in the overflow post instead of the main one.

If you need help thinking of a pairing to request next or getting inspiration, don't forget The Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator. It includes all of the "main" characters from the various shows, audios, books, and spin-offs. People who aren't participating in the writing can list pairings here that authors can write and/or use as requests in this post.

The rules can be found on the community profile. The masterlist of all written pairings can be found here, while all requested pairings that are still open can be found here. If you want to leave feedback for one of the authors, please go to this post. Any other questions can be asked here.

Note: If you're writing a story for someone's request, please post it as a reply to their comment. Only create a new thread if you've written a pairing that nobody has requested yet.

Prompt Donations

If there's a pairing that you'd love to see even though you're not a writer, feel free to leave a comment here. Maybe somebody will be nice and request (or even write) a story for you.

Authors: if you get a pairing from this post to write or request, please take a few seconds to comment and let the requester know. Then they'll know to keep an eye out on the fic post for their request.

Character Statistics

This post includes a ranked list of all characters who have been written or requested so far. It lists how many times each character has been mentioned in the main fic post, either in a story or in a request.

Written characters.Collapse )

Requested CharactersCollapse )

Last Updated: 17 September 2012

Basic Statistics

Total Number of Stories: 276

Various statistics.Collapse )

Last Updated: 17 September 2012

All Pairings

This post includes a list of all pairings written and requested for the purpose of choosing a new pairing to write. This post will not have links to specific threads, only text. Pairings that have a strike through them have already been written.

List under the cut.Collapse )

If you want the link to a specific thread, please go to either the masterlist or open request posts.


If you've written a story but somebody else beat you to the pairing it features, then feel free to post the story here. As in the main post, please make certain to list the pairing in the comment's title.

Feedback and other comments are allowed in this post.

Open Requests

These pairings have been requested but not written.

List under the cut.Collapse )

If you've written a story for one of these requests, post it in the fic post.


This is the masterlist of all stories that have been written so far.

List under the cut.Collapse )

Don't forget, a pairing can only be written once (and posted in the main post - there's always the overflow post though). There's nothing wrong with adding someone, however, to turn it into a threesome. Or a foursome. Or an orgy.


If you enjoyed a story in the fic post, please let the author know. When possible, list the pairing that you're responding to as the title of your comment.

Authors, keep an eye on this post for feedback.

Questions and Such

Do you have questions or suggestions? Have you noticed something "off" (such as multiple stories with a single pairing, duplicate comments, etc.) in the fic post?

Let me know here.


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